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'Yes We Can' ASU War Poster by Digoraccoon 'Yes We Can' ASU War Poster by Digoraccoon
A poster circa 2042 from the "Two Worlds, One Freedom" campaign during the height of the Varza Imperial War.

The Arkasti Solar Union forces suffered several losses in late 2041 with the loss of the Martian colonies, but held ground in early 2042 when Earth nations united with the ASU 10th Orbital Fleet to repel a Varza assault on Luna Base 2.

This surge in confidence began a new campaign to sign up recruits for the proposed "Two Worlds, One Freedom" campaign with the goal of recapturing Mars by the end of 2042. Several changes were seen in this year including the first appearance of Arkasti men on the front lines and the USA-China alliance which backed the ASU forces with improved long-range missile systems.

On December 9th, 2042 Mars was declared free from Varza occupation.
Artwork 2010 Diosden Rodriguez
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November 17, 2010
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